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tv   North Carolina News at 1100PM  CBS  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a severe weather alert across all of central north carolina, heavy rain and lightning moving through much of the area. at this hour several counties are under a flash flood warning and we are getting damage reports. i am sean maroney. >> and i am sherry task -- sharon tazewell >> vista center temperatures into the mid-80s and made the atmosphere even more unstable. this led to some storms this afternoon that have continued tonight. the severe thunderstorm watch got dropped an hour ago. we haven't had a couple of -- severe storm warnings in a couple of hours.
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just west of you guys in spring lake and on post. we come to the west just a little bit where there was another flood warning in chatham county. you can see incredibly heavy rain there with even more dangerous lightning. we come to the north of it from chatham county around siler city just west of pittsboro on up toward chapel hill in hillsboro in orange county. load warnings and heavy downpours continue. it's not as heavy with the rain up in parts of granville and person county and across the border into western parts of mecklenburg county but rain continuing, also know flood warning there. it looks like as we wrap up the evening and had up into -- head heavy rain will be the biggest threat, several bull's-eyes, wanted reenters along the i-94 -- i-95 corridor. 12 inches but some parts of the sandhills and heavy rain continues to the west of the triangle where they have already received 34 inches and i fear that rain will continue for the next couple of hours and that might even lead to some problems for your morning
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many of us will have dry weather but cloudy skies and temperatures in the upper 60s in just a few scattered showers. again, severe weather is of the problem anymore. it's too much lightning and flooding rains that will continue for the next couple of hours. there's more to come tomorrow. i will walk you through tomorrow and up date you on tropical storm matthew in a few minutes. system moves through central carolina a few minutes ago -- a few hours ago. this one was shared on twitter by if you do. there were several bloody lourdes earlier tonigh-- several flood alerts earlier tonight. several homes were flooded and people were without power with -- in the riley road area. you can see the high water. there were also reports of flooding across the mall and clifton hill area. this is a high -- live look at highway 55. a strong line of storms of in this area. we will be checking back in
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they downloading the cbs north carolina weather app. it will have push alerts when there are warnings in your area. look for it for free in the app store. research for a missing 11- ar the fbi joined local authorities for the search of emily battle who was reported to sing yesterday afternoon. they say she walked out of a wooded area near her home tonight and had been hiding. we have new details of the big story we were following today at south carolina where police say a teenager shot and killed his father and then moved on to the school. he shot two kid that a teacher there nearby his father's home. jacob paul is in critical condition. jamie yuccas has the latest on the investigation and the new details police release tonight. >> reporter: crime scene tape
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handgun shot two six-year-old boys and a female teacher. >>he pulled into the parking lot with this vehicle and probably got out of the vehicle and fired immediately. >> reporter: a firefighter subdue the shooter and deputies took him into custody. >> why he dn critical condition. and the other student and teacher were released from a hospital. most students were evacuated to nearby oakfield baptist church. >> police officers flooded the area. we were told at that point they run lockdown. we saw helicopters come in. >> reporter: the sheriff credited frequent drills for minimizing the injuries. >>one of the firefighters fought and saves a lot more
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>> reporter: another 911 call led deputies inside the home of his 47-year-old father. authorities are still trying to figure out why the teenager went on this shooting spree. >> counselors are being made available to the students of townville elementary school and the school will lo of the school at away from campus. a.j. janavel talks to the school system and that child's mother tonight. >> reporter: this wasn't a short walk, five-year-old owen clancy left his elementary school for about 20 minutes. he was out walking along the busy street outside of the school. school officials say they will take responsibly for this incident but the parents say something needs to be done. >> i went around and i went
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>> reporter: this is five-year- old owen clancy. during his 30 of kindergarten ed carpenter elementary school he says he missed his mom and wanted to go home. >> i'm going out the front door. >> reporter: no one saw you? to no. >> reporter: no one tried to stop you. >> no. >> reporter: she was called about the incident but was not given any details about the incident. >> i've got it message. sh i said, wait a minute. you found my child? >> reporter: last week they receive this letter after waiting anxiously for something to happen. >> appropriate action has been taken in addressing the issue. >> you don't know what happened? >> it doesn't really tell you much of anything. >> reporter: they tell me this is not an f and a change needs
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any parents would be. >> there are no repercussions. what would've happened if he would've gotten hurt? >> reporter: the clancy's said they waited for decision but now they are going to the media because they don't want this to happen to anyone else's child. >> if something happens to a child because i didn't speak up, how well i lay down and night and close my eyes and think it's okay? >> reporter: school officials as a procedures have been taken -- put into place to make sure this doesn't happen again. a.j. janavel cb espn is reporting the acc football championship originally scheduled to take place in charlotte is moving to orlando. the conference during the ncaa and moved all championships this year in the wake of house bill two. the unc football player at the center of a rape accusation will be in court this week. he told people he is not a rapist and looks forward to
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with the case earlier this month saying that university -- the university did not properly handle her case when she came forward this year. charlotte mayor jennifer roberts is calling on lawmakers to repeal the new release law that is set to go in effect on saturday, coming a week after protests erupted following the shooting death of keith scott work -- scott. protesters have been demanding that the full video be released. the new law effect october 1 and restricts public access to police videos. the governor also lifted the state of emergency late today for charlotte. a series of racist messages were posted on social media and they have two students apologizing. some students say an apology is not enough. a series of racist posts
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>> it's not like this normally happens here. >> a student took screen wraps of a conversation and posted them on social media including offensive comments against women, african-americans of the black lives matter movement. they are attributed to jackson and branden smith. a post on twitter responded to this. >> we don't condone these statements but they are protected by the first amendment. the university cannot punish students for their hurtful and offensco tweeted back at them frustrated by the decision brca1 wrote, we need actions not words. we need punishment, not apologies. another asked, when does is send . >>embarrassed by your friend is more punishment than you can have coming from officials put >> reporter: a response was, we are sorry for how we heard people, especially those post
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aftermath of a shooting in charlotte. and see students carried out demonstrations on friday calling for more to be done to address race relations on campus. >>this is an institutional problem that could take years to help but it doesn't mean we shouldn't start now. >> we reached out directly to the students responsible for the racist comments but hear back. other students on campus are reaching out to school administrators with a series of demands, including educating students better on the cultural issues but a raleigh man is facing charges after police say he assaulted someone with a lawnmower. 45-year-old james hickerson was in court this morning. police were called to a house tuesday morning. the victim's right foot was seriously injured. there was no word on what led to the assault. you probably thought right here on cbs north carolina,
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impacted -- teenager who has impacted all of us here at cbs north carolina. >> i'm feeling great. i feel amazing. i feel like i can do anything i want now. >> you can and that is true. tonight we caught up with him after he got toman prepares for another big surprise. the candidates are targeting younger voters, the efforts both campaigns are taking in our area to get support from millennials. wes is keeping an eye on severe weather tonight as well. our biggest problem tonight continues to be heavy rain creating some flood warnings
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six years ago, my mother was murdered. her name was kathy taft, and she had touched so many children's lives on the state board of education. the police wouldn't have been able to catch her murderer if roy cooper hadn't fixed the problems at the state crime lab that he discovered when he became attorney general. now governor mccrory is attacking mr. cooper, trying to gain politically from the pain of victims and families.
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arsenic, mercury, lead. that's what you got. duke energy endangered the drinking water of 1.6 million people in north carolina. and what did duke energy get? a sweeter deal from pat mccrory. and what will you get? years of higher electric bills to pay for cleaning up their mess.
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hillary clinton campaign to today with ernie sanders by her side urging progressives in young liberals to support her. >> the youth vote was critical for president obama and both hillary clinton and donald tr university students were active on social media during this time. they created a students were trumped organization and twitter account that has 38,000 followers. we talk about the role now that voters will play in his education. >> they are so motivated and educated. they care about the immigration issue that we have in our nation right now. they care that they will have a
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out of college. >> hillary clinton spoke from the first moment of her campaign, the ability to find a job and have affordable education. >> the deadline to register to vote is quickly approaching, two weeks from friday on october 14 the identity -- the fbi has now identified these two men, this image that circulated across the country. they said they want to speak with the men who were considered witnesses. and are believed to be out of the country. the fbi is attempting to make contact with them overseas but we followed the incredible recovery of a north carolina team, albert jeffreys. he was born with a heart disorder and spent 100 days in the hospital on a doorless before a match was found. then months in recovery after that point >> ellen degeneres introduced into the world today. here is what they had to say about their experience on alan
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his story of survival as a heart transplant recipient on "alan" -- "ellen" today. >> i feel like i can do anything that i want today. >>you can. that's true. >> reporter: she said the best thing about being on the show was telling the world about the importance of being a donor. >> >> reporter: since he had been sick for most of his life, he had not able to travel much. allen gave him an amazing gift because of that. >> you are going to have a six- day stay in hawaii. >> that's amazing. i can't believe we are going their. >> i just wanted to be able to enjoy life. have fun, hawaii is a perfect place. [ laughter ]
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interview on "ellen" and find out more about being an organ donor at our website, "ellen" airs right here week days at 3:00. this is a live look at our mobile destructor right now. it's pretty wet near the orange- durham county line. all of central carolina -- central north carolinapr >> a lot of times we track storms is late at night, i can say to you this should all be gone by morning. i'm not so certain is time. there is so much out there. morning is just a few hours away, if you think about it here is a situation. this is our biggest concern, heavy rain creating flooding. look at a lightning. -- all of the lightning. it is almost impeding our view
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north carolina. you're going to see flashes over the next couple of hours and you will hear the rumbles of thunder for the next couple of hours. let's white this away so we can concentrate on the heavy downpours. you guys in moore county continue to be hit hard with heavy rain, a flash flood warning continues from seven likes through carthage and the robinson into star and continues up into parts of chatham county, all along 64 from jordan lake through pittsboro and siler city, heavy downpours that continue into the chapel hill and carrboro area, through hillsboro and part such county. then you get into mecklenburg county and it still rainy. as we whiten -- why do now, i want you to watch the direction the showers are moving. they are moving to the northeast park about is how the line sets up. the same area is going to keep getting more rain because there is more to the south whispered theirs is an area of the concern that we will probably see minor flooding and some of which could hold on until
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alyssa will be here starting a 4:30 tomorrow to check the roads and radar. we want to make sure everything is okay for your thursday morning commute. i am going to leave a little bit of rain in tomorrow morning's commute. i don't think we will have this on breakthrough as we do today. that only messed up the forecast but really destabilized the atmosphere. we will keep it mostly cloudy. small rain chances through 9:00 and lunchtime. and we will pop in s'more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, in the -- more showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, in the afternoon. we're looking at 80 degrees. i mentioned the sunshine destabilizing us even more today. after that the stationary front and the area of low pressure. to stack this all together -- this got all stacked one on top of the other and destabilize things all the way through tomorrow. tomorrow's forecast map doesn't look all that different.
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as much rain as we had today, tomorrow but thunderstorms will pop up again. on friday we nudge things to the east a little bit work we will lower the rain chances a bit, probably get more sunshine as the drying begins. than that continues as we head into the weekend. this weekend, we won't have as much rain to worry about but we're scratching our heads on what is going on with tropical this is a unique system as they have all been this year. the hurricane hunters are out there right now continuing to investigate this system that continued -- became a tropical storm earlier today. the winds are 65 miles an hour tonight. it started to slow down a little as it is now in the eastern caribbean. as we look at the track, it could be a category 1 hurricane sometime tomorrow night. then it is going to really slow down as it moves to the central caribbean. not a lot of upper-level winds, very warm water, working in
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america. south america has a lot of dry air in the history of storms around here, they don't have very good luck in strengthening. it's going to hang out through saturday, sunday and monday in the caribbean. that's a long time to be in that one area and it could be a category 2 hurricane around cuba early next week. then after monday, there is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of different solutions that send it anywhere from the gulf out to see. we will have to wait probably until about friday, two more days until we know if it will impact the east coast. we will be in for more rain tomorrow, 50% to 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms as we top out around 80 tomorrow. we are at a marginal risk for severe weather, the lowest threat level but a threat level nonetheless. we will keep an eye on the storms throughout the day. of the chance of rain tomorrow. we will lower that to 30% on friday and then generally drive this weekend, including into next week.
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rain and clouds but we also have a long stretch of dryer, sunnier weather with temperatures in the 70s which starts saturday in goes on until the middle of next week. still some storms tonight and get ready for more tomorrow before things start to change this weekend. >> that is good to know. thank you. several hundred fayetteville state students to part -- and faculty took part in a protest. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: they recited various chance showing their solidarity. nearly a dozen students also lay down on top of the founder 's seal. this was coordinated by the student government. many of the fsu students are from charlotte and they are horrified. >> if this can open the eyes to
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am actually proud. >> reporter: he is also a shame that some of protests in charlotte have turned violent. that was not the case today. >>protest with a purpose. >> reporter: this was all for students to become informed and involved. >>read the letter from a birmingham jail because it still resonates today. >> reporter: more than 300 students, faculty and staff took part in the rally. >> being someone from the 60s, i was surprised that important thing that's going on. >> reporter: many students filled out voter registration phones. chancellor james anderson said he appreciated, supported and respected the student's -- students' efforts. >> it so important for the community of fayetteville to see your string. you are showing leadership. you are showing strength. >> [ chanting ]
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-- cbs4 north carolina. let's look at sports now. >> their rivals on the basketball court and football but there's another sport that duke and carolina compete at.
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z24qiz zvpz y24qiy yvpy whenever duke and north carolina get together the competition is ramped up. that includes when they are on the ice. they were in action tonight.
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grabs. this trophy will go to the winner. it looked like duke would run away with this game. it was 1-0 duke at that point. hockey is a physical sport which is just fine with these two rivals. the devils and heels went at it all night long. duke increases the lead and then it comes in front of the net. it was then 2-0 at that point. here's a beautiful pass in on the power play. the tar heels come from behind and get the win--- 3-2. the new york cosmos are just down the road. you can see this, the cosmos have 2 quick goals on their way to a 2-0 win.
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22-01 sunday and they can never get the offense going. cam newton says it's time to hold everyone accountable. >> it is frustrating. as one coach mentioned, just controlling the ripple effect, it's like throwing a rock in a pond. you want to make sure the first ripple is you. >> reporter: they had a 1:00 meeting -- they have a 1:00 the patriots on sunday? it won't be tom brady. the quarterback last week injured his thumb but jimmy gropper row is -- the rapper row -- garrotte below is ready to play. in minnesota, two of the
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something in common. -- >> of the europeans win for the
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after over 20 years in congress, senator richard burr has been making washington work... for himself. burr voted 5 times to raise his own pay, while his net worth has increased over 500%... making over $3.6 million. but it's not just that. on a bill to make insider trading by congressmen illegal, burr voted no, calling the law a waste of time. that's how 20 years in washington has changed richard burr.
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we had been hearing about flooding in fayetteville, some houses are getting flooded right now. it's a bad situation. >> heavy rain, lots of lightning. i had to take a lightning on because there is so much on the radar really couldn't see what was going on. this just in, a new severe thunderstorm warning for parts of lee county, chatham county and western parts of hardin county. the severe thunderstorm warning, we haven't had one of those in several hours because of small hail to thrive in an --ever-changing environment, companies must adapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> founder of spaced x.says, yes, he says a colony of humans could be living on mars in 150 years.


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